Welcome to the Sisters and Brothers Blog!

The Sisters and Brothers project is off and running…make that singing, rapping, stomping and clapping in the City of Melton. So far we are having the great pleasure of working with the awesome communities of Kurrunjang Primary School and Melton South Primary School. Heading to Diggers Rest Primary in May! The artistic teams are loving the experience and the talent in these schools is blowing everyone away!

You can check all the action right here as the project deals with some of the big issues that we all face in this country, and that we can all be part of changing for the better!

The Sisters and Brothers project is working with children aged 8-12yrs to build empathy towards those who experience discrimination; emphasize commonality and diversity; and promote dialogue around diversity, race-based discrimination and its harms, through an innovative music program.

At the heart of the Sisters and Brothers project is the age-old power of music and mass singing. A team of experienced artists, community cultural development practitioners, and young CALD artists from MASSIVE Hip Hop Choir are engaging with children aged 8-12yrs in a process that is exploring storytelling, collaborative song-writing, musical rhythms from diverse cultural traditions, and role-play.


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