Melton South Primary- Term 2!

gabs diversity rap Q's crew rap whispas 2

The Melton South Primary team were eagerly back on board to get stuck into writing new raps!

After the mentors shared their experiences of racism through rapping and storytelling, the students reviewed what they had learnt so far about diversity and racism and were inspired to write their own catchy tunes.

gab's crew Q's cruisers rap whispas 1

The Grade 5 students worked extremely well together and the team was well impressed with their attitude to learning, co-operation and having fun. Today we genuinely saw that the students feel empowered to celebrate diversity and talk openly about what makes us all different and what brings us together. For Sisters and Brothers music definitely brings us together.

Enjoy this video featuring Andrea Khoza and her crew!

After the session ended some of the highly enthusiastic and creative girls freestlyed a little rap with beatbox accompaniment! Each week the girls secretly share some new material they have been working on with Mentor Aki. Amazing!

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