Kurunjang Primary Week 5

It’s been illuminating to hear what the participating students have to say about their experience on the project so far. The team really admire the courage and confidence that students are showing in stepping up and sharing on camera! We think that perhaps the culture of regular performance is paying off, don’t you?!

4 responses to “Kurunjang Primary Week 5

  1. It is an awesome program, they teach you how to dance, sing and stop racial discrimination, and i know that for a fact because i am in the group and i have loads of fun.

  2. Hi Stephanie, it’s me Tianna, and yeah it is an awesome program, and Valanga tells awesome stories, Philly can rap and beatbox, Maz can deffenetly sing, Andy is very paitant and likes to try new things, Gabs can dance really good and Mary is so cool, and wrote an awesome rap that is going to be the rap to our dancing in our BIG DANCE that we do later in the year!!! Please comment this Blog.

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