Melton South students share their reflections

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The team was deeply struck by the honesty and openness of the Melton South Primary students in sharing their thoughts and feelings about their experience in the Sisters and Brothers project. Principal Marilyn Costigan dropped in and provided some great feedback to the crew on their rehearsal for the big show coming up! Stay tuned for details here on the blog. We look forward to maintaining our relationship with Melton South in the future and hearing about the impact of the program on their school community and beyond. We must aim high!

Here is a selection of what was shared:

” Sisters and Brothers helped me bring out my self confidence”

“Some people like to sing and dance and some don’t, but they join in and that’s good”

“I enjoyed having time with my friends and staying out of the classroom”

“I’ve improved my rapping skills”

“I’ve learned not to judge people on how they look”

“I’ve understood more about racism, I thought it wast just skin colour”

“I’ve learnt about other people’s lives and what they were like”

“I have learnt not to treat someone differently because they look differently to me”

“You don’t judge people for what size they are, how tall or how small or how wide”

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