Melton South Sisters and Brothers rock

We are so proud of the grade 5 sisters and brothers at Melton South Primary School. Check out their first performance of their original track “Brighter Future” for the rest of school and parents. Their principal Marilyn Costigan was pretty happy too (she speaks after the song) and hear from some of the Sisters and Brothers crew about the meaning of L.I.D.S

8 responses to “Melton South Sisters and Brothers rock

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  2. I have learnt about racisem and diversity.It has been a amazing experience in the Brothers and Sisters program.I hope to see them again :):):):):):)

  3. I have learnt alot about caring about each other and how we should not treat people diffrently just because of their looks. I hope to see you again. 🙂 Jemma has talked about this quite a bit…….Rgs Nicole Burke (mum)

  4. It was a really awesome experience I had with the sisters and brother program. I have learnt so much!!!!! 🙂 😛 )_(

  5. I learnt a lot about sisters and brothers last year about how not to racialy discriminate people. I cant wait for them to come this year

  6. I am really sad that they won’t be coming back until term 4, but I know it will be better than ever.

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