Wyndham Park Primary joins the fam

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What a fantastic start to our journey with our new Sisters and Brothers at Wyndham Park Primary School.

We are working with students in Grade 3 and Grade 6 every Wednesday until September 4th. The students engaged really well with Valanga’s story and asked so many diverse questions such as; Why is there racism? What’s your favourite animal? Are you married? Where are your grandparents and how did you escape from the police?

As well as the storytelling we had a little cipher session with kids getting up to dance and beatbox whilst Yung Philly rocked a 5 word challenge with words from the students.

We felt very welcomed today and we are looking forward to breaking down the barriers of talking about racism, why it exists and what we can all do about it.

18 responses to “Wyndham Park Primary joins the fam

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    • Hi Keely 🙂 We are proud to be at your school and look forward to making music with you all. It’s already been an awesome journey for us!

      • hey Gabs and all the others
        i miss you so so much <33
        hoping to see you soon :)))))
        sister and brothers are amazing and talented

  2. who`s in the buiding sisters and brother i love you so mach i miss you sisters and brother you are cool and grat at songing…..ok sisters and brother you are my bff frend in the wolid. your the best amd i like you gabz ok do you konw why? if you do i well tell you now. it is buecuse you are hot and cool and the best in the wolid…ok sisters and brother

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