Manorvale Primary School

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Manorvale Primary students love storytelling time with Valanga Khoza! We had a cracker of day meeting Grade 5 and 6 students and they quickly revealed their existing knowledge about racism:

  • racism is when someone is making fun of another person because of their colour
  • racism is when some people tease you about your skin colour and how you look like
  • racism is when you are bullied about your culture
  • racism is when you are being offensive about people’s religion

The cultural diversity of the school is rich and varied with some kids being able to identify cultural backrounds of their peers:

  • New Zealand, Aboriginal, Thailand, Malta, Samoa, Tonga and Italy, Africa

The students greatly appreciated the content of Valanga’s stories as well as the way he delivered them through music, song and comedy.

It seems like there will be a few students going home to ask their parents/guardians to buy them a jaw harp!

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    • Hey Ahmed! Thanks for posting up. I look forward to taking some more pics of the crew this week. What grade are you in? We are having a great time with our new Sisters and Brothers! Peace

    Can’t wait for next term I gotta work on the dance moves with maiyah and Kailani over the holidays!

  3. Hey there I love sisters and brothers and I really want to know what that hand clap thing is. Could you pretty please tell me :p thanks

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