‘Everyone doesn’t have to be the same as someone else’ Manorvale PS


Despite the crazy weather our Sisters and Brothers at Manorvale Primary School gave their best efforts in performing, listening, reflecting and having fun!

We introduced the ‘triangle’ which comprises 3 different roles that people can take in any situation but especially when we see racism happening. There is the person or people responsible, the target and the witness/es.

Kids valued the experience of role playing different situations in a safe space that allowed them to walk in someone else’s shoes:

  • ‘I like the role plays cos it made me feel what it was like for the person being discriminated against’
  • ‘I liked the acting, it made me feel like I could be anyway I wanted’
  • I learnt about being a bystander-it means standing up for the target and saying stop!’

Through games and discussion we felt that kids understood the value of diversity and what it can offer them:

  • ‘I like that people have different views and opinions on different things’

We heard some great stories about kids visiting their friends’ houses and trying new foods. Hopefully we get to try this yummy food that people are talking about!

16 responses to “‘Everyone doesn’t have to be the same as someone else’ Manorvale PS

  1. hey its taydem Sutcliffe Gilmore I lobe sisters and brother it would be cool if we sang heaps and what song we wanted btw im from manorvale primary school and im in grade 5/6 lm

  2. Hi it torijade Buckley I just love learning different songs about racial discrimination and play fun games and singing along Is so fun Manorvale primary school 5/6 lm

  3. hey its lahsoepaw laiday from manorvale thank you for teaching us and i really love sisters and brothers xD

  4. Thanks to Sisters and Brothers our 5/6 students have learnt a lot about standing up against racial discrimination. Thanks to all the Sisters and Brothers Crew who came every week and made our experience so enjoyable. The concert was a fantastic way to celebrate the end of a wonderful program. Mrs Mac (Manorvale PS)

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