‘There was no fighting today! Awesome!’

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With every week that goes by we feel our bond with our Sisters and Brothers at Wyndham Park Primary grows strong. We re-visited the lyrics that were written in small groups last week and put them all together to form a solid arrangement for the new song We are different. Everybody had a great time playing dance detective, in fact at the end of the session more dance was the order of the day. The young mentors Gabs, Philly and Maz demonstrated a very cool body percussion routine and taught the students as well. Wow those students are fast hungry learners! Then there was a jam session to end all jam sessions with the crew going crazy dancing, rapping and beatboxing. We left with massive smiles on our faces. We had so much pleasure watching the crew just lose themselves in the music and feel free and confident. Look out for the videos!

Here are some great comments made by students this week:

I learnt about religion, diversity and multiculturalism.

I learnt how to work together and co-operate.

We could improve on our voice, to make our voice louder so everyone can hear.

One of the teachers also learnt “… that even though I didn’t want to get up in front to perform, I felt pretty good that I had a go”

If you are from WP PS please go to the music page to see a video of the new song We are different. Enjoy!




12 responses to “‘There was no fighting today! Awesome!’

  1. when are yous going to put the video and missing use all of us we all are hope yous come back remember sisters and brothers keep your LIDS open Look out, Interupt, Disagree, Support thanks for being here love yous

  2. Hello WPPS fam,

    We all had so much fun in collaborating on creating and performing songs with each other.

    Feel free to teach your friends and family the songs and body percussion.



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