Kurunjang PS Bullum Bullum Tree Launch

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Recently our Sisters and Brothers at Kurunjang PS rocked another wonderful performance at the opening of the school’s Bullum Bullum Tree Project. It was a significant event as part of Reconciliation week. Bullum Bullum is an important Aboriginal Site in Burnside, Caroline Springs. The site shows that the Wurundjeri Clan occupied this land and how they used it.  At the launch of the Bullum Bullum Tree white butterflies were hung with messages of reconciliation. Bullum Bullum means white butterfly and represents freedom of expression. Through the launch our students learnt about recognising our history. Recognising our history means respecting our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and understanding that they are the traditional owners of the land, understanding their cultural identity, their language and their connection to land and water. Sisters and Brothers  performed Brighter Future and shared the LIDS strategy with the crowd so they too can step in when they see race based discrimination. The event was celebrated with members of the Melton Community along with Karen Jones (Bullum Bullum Granddaughter who the site was named after), Mayor Bob Turner and Cr Nola Dunn. Big Ups to all that supported and participated!

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