Sisters and Brothers in Coburn


Cohealth Arts Gen has teamed up with the Royal Children’s Hospital’s Festival of Healthy Living to deliver a Sisters and Brothers program at Coburn Primary School in Melton.

The Coburn PS community produced a heart warming and powerfully positive performance for their school community on Sept 3rd. Who’s in the Building; Who’s got the Feeling; SISTERS and BROTHERS…reducing race based discrimination…one school at a time!

The schools that have participated in the Sisters and Brothers program so far tell us that:

95% reported thinking their school was a safer place after the project.
90% reported they would know what to do if they come across an incidence of race based discrimination after the project.
90% were able to articulate the key messages of the project.
72% were able to identify race based discrimination

The results are as follows for the follow up program:

77% of those surveyed could identify race based discrimination
51% reported stepping in for someone when they witnessed race based discrimination (since doing the program)
73% reported having shared their experience of the program with a friend  or family member
76% reported being more curious about people’s stories and culture since participating in the program.

Yep its workin’!

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