19 responses to ““Where the Kings and Queens Park!”

  1. Thanks for the visit brothers and sisters we have learned a lot in such a awesome and fun ways.The first time you guys came we were like this is awesome can’t wait for next time but the next time you guys had some personal reasons so you guys didn’t come we all was so sad😂then the day had come again for you guys to come we all was like i hope they are going to come and you guys did when you are here i am always smile because you guys are so funny😃so i really enjoy this program so i hope you all also love our school as much as we and i love SISTERS AND BROTHERS you all always teach us new thing in a super fun way like dancing today i was so engaged never wanted to end so quick so now i think you will understand how much i like this program

    • haha I know I can’t bare to see you all leave us. I will forever and always remember you all once you leave all the lesson are so great so far and I bet it will get way better. All the teaching had gave me more confidence then the confidence I had already THANK YOU

    • also do you remember us my crew Catherine and vu rap we indeed really need you to bring back valanga him and his pet 🙂

  2. Hey sisters and brothers thank you so much for having us do this wonderful program .I can’t wait for the next time we all see you guys.hope you like our school everyone at are schools like you so much !!!!!!!!! and for next time we see you can we present something to you like a dance a rap or a song for you????

    • Hi Parnell, it was amazing to hear you and the crew share some of your own raps. It took a lot of guts! Keep it coming! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Peace. SNB Team. See you on Wednesday!

  3. I love you guys! I wish you could teach us all day, and everyday! And I just wanted to say that I’ve had a lot of fun and learnt lots, thanks for coming to our school!

  4. I love you guys I wish we could have you everyday! I really liked the girls singing and the boys rapping, I loved hearing your stories today, it got me so sooooooooooooo emotional! I actually cried! 😃 💖

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