Return of the Sisters and Brothers Fam to Melton South PS!

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We are very happy to be returning to our stomping ground of Melton to work in the learning community of Melton South PS.
We are engaging with mainly Grades 5 students and some Grade 4 students and working alongside teachers Leah, Ben and Dylan.
The first week was super fun as we got to know each-other through games, performance and we even remixed a song called “Don’t worry be happy” which Gaby presented.
We were ‘wowed’ by the talents in the room- especially the posse of beat-boxers who worked with Rex and how fast we were able to make a couple of rap verses.
This song will continue to develop and we’d love to include it in the performance we do at the end of term.
Valanga Khoza came in the second week, today that is! His stories of growing up as a child with his family in Apartheid South Africa was thought provoking for the students as they asked him many many questions relating to human rights and showed great empathy towards Valanga. After lots of listening and discussing, we all got up and had a dance whilst SK performed his song “Foundation”. In closing Daniel presented us with his decoration of the group agreement posters that we made last week. Big Ups!

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