Sisters and Brothers Project

Sisters and Brothers project with St Margret’s primary  school on Friday 24th June.

Program run by Arts Gen facilitators: Oti, Gabs, Gabi and Young Philly.

The Sister and Brothers crew run an eight week workshops series working with grades 5/6 teaching young kids about race based discrimination and how to step in when they see it happening. The program ended with a fantastic performance to the school community.

Feedback from the grade 5/6s:

“Thank you so much for coming to our school and teaching us all about Race-Based-Discrimination and how to prevent it. We all appreciate what you’ve taught us over the eight weeks you’ve been here. Thank you Gabe, Gabi, Oti, and Young Philly” Lauren

“Thank you for teaching me about race based discrimination in a fun way it was so fun to learn traditional dances and learn how to beat box. I can’t wait for the performance” Ardino

“Thank you for coming to St, Margret’s .I have learnt alot.i feel more confident about myself when I use L.I.D.S” Alyssa

“Dear Sisters and Brothers Crew, I have had an Awesome! Time with you all, you have made Wednesdays the best day ever, I have learnt a lot about race based discrimination and I will try my hardest to make a difference! Thank You, we will miss you all “Arthur

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