Shine the Light Series #1 Solomon Salew

Shine the Light Series

arts gen cannot be more proud of its workforce, young people from the western corridor armed with a fire in their heart fuelled by art and a social justice vision.

Every month we will profile an artist of the arts gen family in a series called Shine the Light. This month is Solomon Salew and whilst we have collaborated with him in other project capacities, more recently he has joined the ranks of arts gen as an Artist Facilitator on Sisters and Brothers and soon he will be co-leading music production and performance workshops at the Flemington flats. He brings tremendous skills and knowledge in theatre specifically and is a recording artist and producer as well. We hope you enjoy finding more about our team and the work they are doing within the program and projects of their own volition in the broader community.


Solomon Salew is an artist based in Melbourne Australia. Solomon migrated here with his family in 1992, was born in Sudan and has an Ethiopian background. He aims to support social-cohesion, racial integration and generally entertain audiences through his creative work. Solomon has spent many years in the community theatre sector in Victoria creating and performing in works under Flemington Theatre Group and alongside Western Edge Youth Arts and more recently cohealth Arts Generator. Solomon’s skills include writing and developing theatrical shows and delivering creative programs and workshops to various communities around Melbourne and across Victoria. Solomon trained under renowned John Bolton graduating in 2015 Alumni. He is currently developing an exciting new online podcast series called Culture Cast TV that platforms local artists and explores their identity through storytelling, interview and performance.

Photo by Nicola Dracoulis

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