Shine the Light Series #2 Nyakeer Akoul

Welcome to arts gen’s Shine the Light Series #2!

Last month we shone the light on Solomon Salew – actor and theatre practitioner and now Sisters and Brother Artist Facilitator! Now we would like to share with you the light that is…Nyakeer Akoul! Many of you would be familiar with her as she is well known in the community as a dedicated volunteer and dancer.


Nyakeer Akoul believes anyone can, by using their talents make a positive difference in the community. Nyakeer has been doing just that for the last 5 years across communities in Brimbank, Yarra and Maribyrnong in various youth led capacities. She is Brimbank Young Citizen of The Year 2016 and is enjoying the challenges of this role presenting at local schools for International Women’s Day, speaking at a Brimbank Citizenship Ceremony, being a panellist at a LGBTIQ event and much more. Through this role she is enjoying learning more about the world and in particular how her local community is committed to embracing cultural diversity which she also values. She is a dancer with Culture Queenz which mixes dancehall, afro-beat and hip-hop styles and has been performing locally for many years which she loves. Currently studying Youth Work at RMIT, Nyakeer just completed a work placement at arts gen and now is a Sisters and Brothers Artist Facilitator in–training.
Photo by Nicola Dracoulis

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