Belle Vue Park PS kicks off!

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Brothers and sisters, Sisters and brothers

Show kindness to others

Respecting another Being nice is free

Being mean has a cost Friends stick together

Friends are not lost”

Week 3 at Belle Vue Park PS saw lyrics collaboratively made by students and the team. Next week the students will continue on their song writing path to hopefully finish another verse and chorus for this new piece of work. This will feature in the performance taking place at the end of the term, very exciting! Keep up the great work Belle Vue, we look forward to seeing you online too!

Photos by Nicola Dracoulis

5 responses to “Belle Vue Park PS kicks off!

  1. Thank you so much for being apart of our school. Can’t wait for the performance! Love you guys.
    Bye for now- Natasha

  2. This program is a good one and it’s the best one I have ever been in. It’s good for kids to learn about race based discrimination.

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