Primary Schools


A wonderful outcome at Ascot Vale West PS 2015

The Sisters and Brothers project in 2016 will work with children aged 8-12yrs and High School students from Years 7 and 8  to build empathy towards those who experience discrimination; emphasize commonality and diversity; and promote dialogue around diversity, race-based discrimination and its harms, through an innovative music program.

Term 1 will see new partnerships built with Fitzroy PS, St. Martins de Porres, Melton Secondary College and Kensington PS.

4 responses to “Primary Schools

  1. The Sisters and Brothers visited the Grade 6’s at Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School last term. The project really helped me and others to build some confidence and embrace other cultures. We learnt about racism, unfairness, discrimination and much more through a lot of fun activities. I thought they were really positive and creative in the way they got the message around to us. I loved performing the ‘LIDS’ song, as we used Ausland Sign Language and we enjoyed having fun with the Sisters and Brother. The Grade 6’s and I thank the Sisters and Brothers Team for coming to our school.

  2. I think Sisters and Brothers was and AMAZING experience it was really inspiring and taught us about race-based discrimination. We had so much fun with them we even got to perform a dance to the other year levels. I don’t think I have learnt so much about people and their religions. My favorite part was performing and learning the Auslan sign language. To sum it all up, I would like to thank Sisters and Brothers for coming to our school and teaching us everything we should know about being bullied about your colour, your culture or your background they really helped.

    From one of your thankful peeps,

  3. Ava DeAmicis- Sisters and brothers came to my school not long ago, it was a great experience! There were many activities and games that taught us lots in the discrimination area. The people that came to our school were very friendly and nice! I am glad that I was able to join the fun and experience the program. Many faces were full of laughter and smiles, we all enjoyed the time we had you at our school. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you all greatly for the time and effort put into teaching us. I enjoyed every single moment with you! Before I end this, my best friend Emily (who did the recording with you) would like to say a few words.

    Emily De La Rosa- Recording my first song was very nerve-racking, but you guys helped me build me confidence back, thank you guy so much, you did everything you can to help us learn about discrimination and telling us the meaning!

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