Dinjerra Primary School

Dinjerra 2014

Sisters and Brothers continue to build relationships in the inner west of Melbourne at Dinjerra PS in Braybrook. Our current program for term 4 2015 has been made possible by School Focussed Youth Services. This term we collaborate with students to make a video that shows students stepping in when they see situations of race-based discrimination. Keep up with updates on the making and outcome of this exciting endeavour!

Dinjerra Primary school is a vibrant educational setting located in Braybrook. Our dedicated staff support the learning needs of diverse students from the local area.

Dinjerra Primary School is located in Braybrook in the City of Maribyrnong some 15 kilometres west of Melbourne.

The staff are friendly, approachable and committed to the personal and academic success of the children through involvement in team planning and curriculum development and by providing the best possible learning opportunities.

Dinjerra Primary School Website

See updates about our work with Dinjerra PS here.

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