Manorvale Primary School

Manorvale PS

Manorvale Primary School aims to provide a caring and supportive environment that promotes self esteem and goal achievement in its students. The teaching and administrative staff are committed to giving students a strong foundation to allow an effective transition into Prep and on to Secondary education, and to develop students as life long learners.

Manorvale has a current enrolment of around 365 students, taught across 15 multi-age classes spanning Prep – Grade 6 (P, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6). As well as the core subjects taught throughout the primary school program to a curriculum based on the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, students have regular classes in Physical Education, Art,  Library and Dance.

As well as regular incursions and excursions undertaken by all year levels throughout the year, School Camps are held once a year. Younger students begin with after school barbeques, and progress through sleepovers at school to trips further afield, to places like Ballarat and Anglesea.

See updates about our work with Manorvale PS here.

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